Thrift shop finds!

Hey mister’s and misterette’s! Just wanted to share some of my thrift shop finds of recent. I found these on two different outings. I love thrifting and finding interesting things. Some stuff I buy for myself other stuff I buy to resale. This just stuff I bought to keep! I’ll chat about each piece underneath Β the picture. Enjoy!!



I have several of these gorgeous pots. I have a couple skillets my Grandma gave me also. I just love how they are decorated. This one is made in West Germany by a company called Fissler. I need to look them up. I got this one for $2.50 which I think is a steal! It’s a good sized one. It doesn’t say how many quarts it is on the bottom unfortunately. I love to cook, but I feel like this will make cooking ten times more fun!!


I have a thing for baskets…really any kind of interesting container I can put stuff in. I couldn’t pass this basket up for $1 though! I love the colors. You can tell the coral parts were red at one time and have faded. I love the faded color. The coral doesn’t show up well in this picture. I don’t know what I will keep in here yet though. Hmmm.


I love Frankoma, especially the White that I don’t see very often. I found this plate and another one at a thrift shop I frequent quite often. I paid $5 for each plate. I actually found the pot in the first picture there. I hope to find more plates to add to the collection. Sorry it’s crooked. It says “19-The star of hope-70”. I’m not religious, but I love stuff with stuff like this on it.


Here’s the second Frankoma plate I found. This one says “10-She loved and cared-74”. They have hangers on the back and I can’t wait to get them hung up! I want to mix them in with some blue and white pottery. I’ll share once I get it set up how I want.


I’m obsessed with this velvateen bed spread! This one is a full/queen. Would look better on a queen though. I have a king size one that is cobalt blue too. My Grandma gave that one to my Mom and then it came to me. I paid $6 for this which I think is a great deal. It’s in perfect shape. You can’t really see it in the picture, but it has some copper colors in it also.


Lets focus in on the Table. My Grandma bought this for $2, but didn’t have room for it. I bought it from her for $5. It’s in great shape really. I love the turned legs and think it will make a great foyer table one day. Also excuse the mess. I just moved back South and am staying with my parents. All my stuff is in Storage.

Let me know what you think or have any questions!

Much love!!!





  1. Hi Jason! Love the turned table…what a bargain and speaking of bargains, I need to shop with you! You find such great things. I love the pot. I agree that having something pretty to look at makes cooking more fun. I’ve had pots and vessels that didn’t have the liquid capacity on it. I just take a measuring cup, usually one cup and count the cups of water I put in…Awesome finds! So you are back down south? I hope that’s a good thing. Happy Christmas to you! Koko πŸ™‚

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