Thrift shop haul!

It’s been awhile since I got to go thrifting. Yesterday my mom and I decided to go grab my grandma and kit the shops! I found several amazing finds and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on these treasures. I’ll be moving into my own place in March and can’t wait to start decorating and sharing the journey of decorating my own apartment. I love my parents, but I miss having my own place. Lets get into what I found! Enjoy!



I found this huge old trunk in the second shop we hit. I love the colors and I plan to leave it just like this. Some people think I’m crazy and that I should paint it. I love the wear and tear on it. It has SO much character. The inside is pretty much in perfect shape except one spot where someone drew a star at one point. It even has the original shelf inside! I forgot to take a photo of the inside though. When I get my place I will give you a look inside. I think I got a deal at $30.



I got this pair of Oriental vases at the first shop we hit. I couldn’t pass them up. I wish the lions on top were closer to the same shade of blue. Besides that I love everything about them. I plan to flank my grandmother’s hutch she gave me with these. I adore blue and white pottery. ┬áThese are around 2 1/2 feet tall. I couldn’t pass them up for $12 each.







Here’s another vase I got at the first shop too. This one is about a foot tall. I didn’t have enough money to buy the other one that matches this one or I would of. I hope I can get the other one. I still need to find a buffet and when I do this will go on it. If I don’t get the other one this one will go in the center. If I do get it then they will go on each end. $8 for this one.



Just a top view of the smaller one I got.



And lastly I found this amazing painting. I’m an artist myself, but I appreciate other artist’s work and like to collect it to mix in with my own on my walls. The picture does not do justice for the colors in this piece!


That was my haul, at least what I could find. I have a couple more things I bought, but I’m not sure where they are at. I didn’t get a photo of the folding chair I got. I can share that when I start decorating!


Much love!!!