Little nest.

I love gifts from nature! I’m always finding feathers and picking up pine cones. I love looking for neat rocks too. I even have a pile of bark in my bedroom. Hey you can make incense from bark! It’s useful! Haha! Anyway, my Aunt was mowing the other day and almost ran this little nest that had fallen from the big pine tree. She saw it just in time and stopped the mower and moved it to the base of the tree until she finished mowing. She brought it to me later because everyone knows I love that kind of stuff. It’s the perfect little nest. It even has some of my Mom’s hair weaved into it. Which is lovely, and makes it even more special. I plan to pin it inside a little shadow box to hang on my wall. It’s just so beautiful.


I’ll have to make a post about how to make incense from tree bark. That would be a good post. Well here’s my little nest! So cute!



Much love!!!




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