Besom (broom)

I love anything hand crafted. I’m always trying to come up with things to make from the stuff I collect from nature. Recently I had to trim a bunch of bushes and some tree’s. I decided to make some besom’s out of them. They don’t work well for sweeping up dirt, but are great for sweeping the negativity out of the house. I even made a couple little ones to keep on my Altar (I’m Pagan) to cleanse it with. I used all natural materials to make these. The big one still needs some work, but they are great. I really enjoyed making these and so much positive energy wen into these. I thought taking their pictures in front of this old shed in the backyard would really look cool. I’ll talk about each one below the picture. Like what the material for that besom came from. Blessed Be!


This is a close up of my big besom. Stands almost 7 foot tall. I found the feather on one of my walks and my mom gave me the little glass claw. I still need to add some stones to it.


Here’s a full shot of my big besom. I used Oak for the handle and Bridal Wreath branches for the bristles. Jute was used to tie it up. I love how this one came out!


This is the first one I made. I made this one out of Bridal wreath branches. The handle and the bristles both. I found those feathers either on one of my walks or in the yard. This one stands about 2 1/2 foot tall.


This one is the last one I made. I used Bridal Wreath for the handle and pine needles for the bristles. This is the one I plan to keep on my Altar. She only stands about a foot tall. She’s so cute. I plan to add some small pine cones to her. I’m keeping this one really simple.


Much love!!!




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