Gourds, pumpkins,and squash. Oh my!

I’m not a fan of Autumn because that means winter is near. I do however love all the beautiful gourds and pumpkins. I love the colors and critters scurrying to prepare for the upcoming cold. I love decorating with all the gorgeous pumpkins. These are my two displays.

The first is an old rusty wheelbarrow my great aunt gave me recently laying on its side. As if the weight of its pumpkin cargo was too much spilling them out. I tucked pieces of gold tulle bunched up between the pumpkins to add a little extra color. I love using gold in Autumn displays. I moved the little boy statue over for right now. I thought he looked good with the setup. I’ll be adding straw bales too. Don’t mind the cargo trailer in the back.

My second display is by the front door. A classic Jack o lantern pumpkin and gorgeous warty guy. I bought the sign at the dollar store.the Besom (broom) in the back is the first one I’ve made of the season. I’ll do a tutorial soon on how to make one. I love something simple to welcome people to my home.

I’ll be saving seed and freezing the pumpkin flesh for later use after the holidays. Autumn blessings everyone!

Much love & many blessings



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