I’m just a gypsy soul looking for my place in the world. My soul is restless and i’m working on a way to travel and make money so I can find my place. I’m an artistic person that loves to garden. A vintage lover and proud papa of a Basset Hound named Lucy. Blessed Be!
Much love!!


  1. Arkansas! We’re almost neighbors! But I’m a California girl at heart! Still trying to learn how to grow plants in this climate! I have got to learn to crochet better. At the moment I am so bad…but maybe if I had more time…hahaha. Love your about me. Life is too short! Let’s be friends! Best wishes to you and can’t wait for more posts! Koko 🙂

    • I love Arkansas! You would love Eureka Springs. It’s my favorite town. It’s a town of Artist’s pretty much. California is beautiful. I love to visit there, but Arkansas will always be my home. Absolutely lets be friends dear!! Best wishes to you also. I love reading your posts. I should have another one soon.

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