My Epiphyllum White NOID bloomed!

I’ve been growing several Epiphyllums that I got as cuttings for the past two or three years. One finally rewarded me with a bloom this year. I’m in love with this plant. Some people probably wouldn’t be as excited as me since it’s just a white flower and a NOID. Some people are plant snobs and only want named varieties for some reason. Being a named variety doesn’t make the plant more beautiful, just worth more as cuttings or started plants. White flowers are my favorite too, so that’s a plus! This one has grown into such a nice plant and looks like it’s pushing out a few more blooms. I should have more flowers next year I’m hoping since they are getting older.






Much love & Many blessings!



Huernia schneideriana

Common name: Red dragon flower

Family: Asclepiadaceae (ass-kle-pee-ad-AY-see-ee)

Genus: huernia (hew-ERN-ee-uh)

Species: Schneideriana

Light: Bright indirect light to a couple hours of direct sun.

Water: Let dry between watering.


Schneideriana is a wonderful succulent in the asclepiadaceae family.
The growth is vining and a lovely green color. It has these bumps
almost like they want to have thorns, but they don’t. The flowers
are a dark gorgeous red about t he size of a nickle. Very easy care
plant that likes to dry out between watering. I let mine get wrinkled
sometimes during winter before I water them. I hang mine in an East
or West window during winter. They don’t like too much direct sun.
They are prolific growers and will fill a pot in no time. I find I
have to thin mine out almost every fall. I like to thin mine out
some because I think they grow better when they aren’t as crowded.
They are one of my favorite of the asclepiad’s.

Huernia schneideriana

Huernia schneideriana 5

Huernia schneideriana 4

Huernia schneideriana 3

Huernia schneideriana 2


Much love!!!


Stetsonia coryne

Family: Cactaceae (kak-TAY-see-ee)

Genus: Stetsonia (stet-SOHN-ee-uh)

Species: coryne (ko-RY-nee)

Common Name: Toothpick Cactus

Light: Full sun to partial shade.

Water: Let dry between watering

Stetsonia coryne is a tree forming cactus from South America. Usually has a main trunk forming several side branches. They have a blueish color to their flesh. They have long spines which gives it the common name Toothpick Cactus. They like full sun to partial shade. How much a cactus needs depends on your environment. During the hot days of Summer they need regular watering. During Winter they should be kept dry and on the cooler side. In a cool room or greenhouse where they can get some needed rest. They should still get good light. I’ll do a more detailed post on plant care. They are beautiful plants.



Much love!!!


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I just wanted to share links to my other blogs if anyone is interested. I just posted a new piece on my art blog. Be sure to follow and share my blogs if you like them.

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I’ll be moving back to Arkansas from Iowa on the 24th. I’m excited to be back home and out of Iowa. I’ll be living with my parents at first, but will try and come up with some posts to share. Once I get a place I will share how i’m decorating my apartment. Show you my style and how different styles can merge together. I’m an eclectic (my friend calls it worldly) person and have stuff that expands across different era’s and cultures. I do have one post I’ll be putting up soon from my apartment in Iowa. It just shows how I group items that I’ve collected over the years. I also plan some baking posts and re-purposing posts. I don’t want to make this too long, just touching base.

Much love!!!


Knock, knock….Who’s there?

Let me tell you a little bit of why I bought this amazing door knocker. I’m moving back to Arkansas at the end of July. I plan to build myself a little cottage/cabin. I will be using as much reclaimed and recycled materials as possible. I want to as gentle to nature as I can. I’m going to grow and raise as much of my own food as possible. I’ve been collection interesting pieces like this for awhile to use in my future home. I’ve been eyeing  this knocker for awhile now. I’ve been so in love with her. She just speaks to me and is so welcoming. What better way to welcome people to my home.



I can’t wait to share the growth of my future home. I hope you will join me on my home  journey. I will for sure post updates about my Cottage/Cabin build. Any tips are absolutely welcome.

Much love!!!


Washing basin to serving dish.

Hello dears! I found this washing basin at the Thrift store I visit several times a week. It would of originally had a matching pitcher that went with it. They were used to wash up, shave, etc when they didn’t have running water. They usually have a floral pattern on them. I like that this one was a solid color with a simple pattern around the rim. I only paid $5 for it which I think is a deal for how big it is. I plan to use it as a serving dish for salads or pasta. I think a bunch of pasta with pesto sauce would look amazing in it. Maybe some spaghetti and meatballs. I think some people get caught up in something having a certain purpose. Just because something was made to be used for a certain thing doesn’t mean you have to use it for that. Think about stuff you see and what it could be used for besides what it was meant for. It’s a great way to express yourself.

Upper shot of basin. I love the simple pattern going around the rim!

Upper shot of basin. I love the simple pattern going around the rim!

This is going to be a great serving dish!

This is going to be a great serving dish!

These two serving utensils were actually sitting in the basin when I bought it. They were only $1 for the pair, so I got them too. I almost didn’t. I then noticed they had a tribal look to them. I love tribal stuff. I think they actually look amazing with the basin. Here’s a picture of them together!



I actually have a pitcher that would of went with one of these basins. It’s Pink and has a floral pattern on it. I use it for a vase though. It looks wonderful filled with tulips. I love using vintage/antique pitchers as vases.

Much love!!!