Besom (broom)

I love anything hand crafted. I’m always trying to come up with things to make from the stuff I collect from nature. Recently I had to trim a bunch of bushes and some tree’s. I decided to make some besom’s out of them. They don’t work well for sweeping up dirt, but are great for sweeping the negativity out of the house. I even made a couple little ones to keep on my Altar (I’m Pagan) to cleanse it with. I used all natural materials to make these. The big one still needs some work, but they are great. I really enjoyed making these and so much positive energy wen into these. I thought taking their pictures in front of this old shed in the backyard would really look cool. I’ll talk about each one below the picture. Like what the material for that besom came from. Blessed Be!


This is a close up of my big besom. Stands almost 7 foot tall. I found the feather on one of my walks and my mom gave me the little glass claw. I still need to add some stones to it.


Here’s a full shot of my big besom. I used Oak for the handle and Bridal Wreath branches for the bristles. Jute was used to tie it up. I love how this one came out!


This is the first one I made. I made this one out of Bridal wreath branches. The handle and the bristles both. I found those feathers either on one of my walks or in the yard. This one stands about 2 1/2 foot tall.


This one is the last one I made. I used Bridal Wreath for the handle and pine needles for the bristles. This is the one I plan to keep on my Altar. She only stands about a foot tall. She’s so cute. I plan to add some small pine cones to her. I’m keeping this one really simple.


Much love!!!



Little nest.

I love gifts from nature! I’m always finding feathers and picking up pine cones. I love looking for neat rocks too. I even have a pile of bark in my bedroom. Hey you can make incense from bark! It’s useful! Haha! Anyway, my Aunt was mowing the other day and almost ran this little nest that had fallen from the big pine tree. She saw it just in time and stopped the mower and moved it to the base of the tree until she finished mowing. She brought it to me later because everyone knows I love that kind of stuff. It’s the perfect little nest. It even has some of my Mom’s hair weaved into it. Which is lovely, and makes it even more special. I plan to pin it inside a little shadow box to hang on my wall. It’s just so beautiful.


I’ll have to make a post about how to make incense from tree bark. That would be a good post. Well here’s my little nest! So cute!



Much love!!!


Kalanchoe pinnata

Family: Crassulaceae (Krass-yoo-LAY-see-ee)

Genus: Kalanchoe (kal-un-KOH-ee)

Species pinnata (pin-NAY-tuh)

Light: Sun to light shade

Water: Let dry between watering


Kalanchoe pinnata is a very easy plant to grow. You can propagate from cuttings or small plantlets that grow on the edge of leaves. Just lay a leaf on some moist soil and press the leaf into the soil. The whole bottom of the leaf should be in contact with the soil. Keep the soil moist and you will see little plantlets form on the edge of the leaf. They grow rapidly from these plantlets. I usually let them get a couple inches tall then separate. Kalanchoe pinnata also has health benefits. I haven’t tested any of these uses myself and I’m not responsible for any side effects. Everything with benefits also has side effects. There’s several things Kalanchoe pinnata can help with. Some of the things it helps with is kidney stones, wounds, inflammation, high blood pressure, and several other things.





These are two I grew from plantlets on the side of leaves of my main plant. They were only a 1/2 inch tall in May when I placed them on soil. You can see how fast they have grown in just 3 month’s. If you have any more info let me know in a comment!


Much love!!!



I have a rock and stone obsession. There I said it. I have a absolute love for rocks and stones. If It’s interesting and I can carry it home it comes! I don’t think most people pay attention to the ground. I also live in Arkansas and we have lots of rock! I find them mostly at the creeks and rivers when I’m fishing. I find some while going on walks on dirt roads. Here’s all I’ve found in the last couple month’s. So many color variations an textures. Some of these I will use to stage my succulents and cacti. I’ll say some stuff about my finds. Like where I found them and if I plan to use them for staging.


Found this on my walk today. Love the subtle grey variations.


Found on my walk also. This is both sides of the same rock. I plan to use this one for staging. I love the dark color and grey and cream color variations.


Found this on my walk today. I love the smokiness of this one. Grey with black and dark grey edging.


Found this on my walk today. Has some green tones in it that doesn’t really show up in the picture.


Found this on my walk today. Has some great color variation. Grey, dark Grey, and creams. Even a little yellow colors. I plan to use this for staging.


Found this on my walk today. I love the rust colors on this one. Has some interesting textures from getting knocked around from the road grater.


Found this one at one at the creek or river a month or so ago. I like the reds in it.


Two pieces of river glass I found at the river. Going toward Jasper, AR. I think it was at Pruit (spelling?)


Found this one at the river too. At pruit also. I love all the holes and such amazing textures. I might use this one for staging also.


Found this one at the creek or river. I’m not sure which. I love how white this one is.


This is a snail shell I found. I found this at Long Creek which isn’t far from where I live.


Found this at the creek or river. I love all the textures in this one. This one will be good fro staging.


Found this one at the river. I love how the colors fade into each other.


I found this at the river. This will be good fro staging. I Love the colors in it. One of my favorites I’ve found.

Much love!!!




Thrift shop finds!

I found a lot of goodies over the last couple days! I got some good deals too. I can’t wait to have a house to decorate with all my goodies. For now I’m basically just hoarding stuff that I probably won’t have room for in my house. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’ll post under each picture about the item.


I got this amazing lamp for $2 which was a great buy! I plan to have it in my entry when I have my own place. I’m going to put this on a timer so I have a light on when I come home. I need to find a skinnier kind of long shade for it. I always find awesome lamps, but they never have shades or the shade doesn’t work at all!


A shot of the top of the lamp I got. This is one of my favorite lamps I have.

I got this great pitcher! I could see some Tulips spilling over the edge of it. I paid $2 for this

I got this little picture for $1. I’m not a religious person, but find religion very interesting. I enjoy reading about all religions and beliefs. I really love the style of this.


I got three of these punch cups for 10 cents each. I’m going to make candles with herbs or flower petals and put them in here to sell. They will be so cute because you can see the petals in herbs through the sides.


I got this punch cup also for 10 cents. It just waits a candle inside it.



I love learning new stuff. This looks like an interesting read. Lots of good info in here. I paid $1 for this.


I love gardening and plants. I have a good size collection of Cacti, Succulents, and some Tropical plants. Expect so many gardening posts when I have a place to actually garden! The top one has some good inspiration in it. $2.50 for both of these.


Three new cookbooks I got. I love using tofu in cooking. It’s a great source of protein and can be used in any cuisine I think. Most people who say they don’t like it just don’t know  how to cook it. It’s basically a carrier for the flavors you want to cook with. The other two looked like they had some good recipes in them. All together these were $7.


Much love!!!


Adenium obesum seedlings

Family: Apocynaceae (a-pos-ih-NAY-see-ee)

Genus: Adenium (a-DEE-nee-um)

Species: obesum (oh-BEE-sum)

Light: Full Sun

Water: Let dry well before watering.


Adenium is one of the most interesting genus of plants out there. They are a blast to grow from seed and grow faster than one would think. The biggest ones pictured germinated around the end of May. I forgot to mark the germination date on these. I started them in full Sun. Mine get almost 9 hours of full Sun everyday the Sun shines. They are native to South Africa and Arabia. Most of the ones you buy at the big box stores are hybrids. They come in many flower colors and sizes. Adenium obesum is one of the larger species of Adenium. They form beautiful caudex bases of gnarly roots. It’s good to raise you plant every couple years when you re pot to show off the gnarly caudex. They like well draining soil and it’s best to add perlite or another product to help with aeration and drainage.

Growing Adenium from seed is easy and a blast. Fill you pot with your potting mix of choice (I make my own) and cover the seed with about a quarter inch of soil. Unless your sowing mini’s which need to be top sowed. That just means laying the seed on top of the soil without covering them. Give them a good watering and place in a sunny place. Give them as much Sun as possible. You can start them under grow lights also if you are starting them while it’s cold out. They germinate quite fast and are so cute to watch grow. Once you have a couple of true leaves you can start fertilizing with a very diluted fertilizer. The true leaves are the leaves that form after the two leaves the seedling germinates with. If you start them inside under lights or a window seal you need to transition them into full Sun slowly. Moving them too fast into the full Sun with toast them. I hope you give them a try. I order my seeds off Ebay from Thailand and had great germination rate. If you have questions please be sure to ask! Blessed Be!!

13781744_10153833781848437_6437729048934514461_nThis is my favorite one that germinated from the first batch which germinated around the end of May. He will be staying in my collection.


13754346_10153833782288437_5096003894448355785_nThis was from the first batch too. He has very pleasing growth. Very nice fat base.


13669128_10153833782463437_4469377098487187676_nFrom the first batch also. Has great shape also.


13669556_10153833782573437_8557611726150126374_nThis is from the first batch also. This one has more of a tall growth habit. Could be interesting when he gets older and is raised above the soil.

13669211_10153833782678437_8244981862546959028_nThis is from the first batch too. I’m keeping this one also.


13658920_10153833782743437_2014877277069330852_nFrom my second batch. These germinated around the end of June. They were sowed on June 23rd. It’s like a little Adenium forest!

13626960_10153833782818437_7799633071788719906_nAlso from the second batch.


13882179_10153833782988437_1940021156659811853_nThese are from my third batch. They germinated around a week or so ago.


13680847_10153833783138437_4278253981558872714_nFrom the third batch. This is a view from the top of the picture before this one. I know the tag says June 23rd, but I just reused a tag from one pot that the some Adenium seeds I got from a friend didn’t germinate. It happens some times.

The ones planted together will get their own pots soon so their growth isn’t stunted.

Much love!!!









































Huernia schneideriana

Common name: Red dragon flower

Family: Asclepiadaceae (ass-kle-pee-ad-AY-see-ee)

Genus: huernia (hew-ERN-ee-uh)

Species: Schneideriana

Light: Bright indirect light to a couple hours of direct sun.

Water: Let dry between watering.


Schneideriana is a wonderful succulent in the asclepiadaceae family.
The growth is vining and a lovely green color. It has these bumps
almost like they want to have thorns, but they don’t. The flowers
are a dark gorgeous red about t he size of a nickle. Very easy care
plant that likes to dry out between watering. I let mine get wrinkled
sometimes during winter before I water them. I hang mine in an East
or West window during winter. They don’t like too much direct sun.
They are prolific growers and will fill a pot in no time. I find I
have to thin mine out almost every fall. I like to thin mine out
some because I think they grow better when they aren’t as crowded.
They are one of my favorite of the asclepiad’s.

Huernia schneideriana

Huernia schneideriana 5

Huernia schneideriana 4

Huernia schneideriana 3

Huernia schneideriana 2


Much love!!!