I’ve been absent.

I’ve been absent for awhile. I started another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I started that on January 1st and have been focusing on that. You can check out my art blog to see all the paintings so far. My theme is floral and I love doing them. I’m working in acrylics. I started the challenge out with little canvas’s then switched to 140 lb watercolor paper when I ran out. The watercolor paper works better than I thought it would, so I decided to stick with it for the rest of the challenge. Once the challenge is over I’ll be posting them for sale on my Etsy shop. This is going to be the year of art for sure! I’ll be really working on getting my shop going good and putting work out there. I’ll be doing postcards, little painted canvas magnets, big pieces, etc. I’m going to be putting out a lot of work! Selling originals and prints.

Other non art related stuff that’s going on. I’ve been thrifting several times since my last post. I’ve gotten several neat things I need to post about and I will eventually. I’ve gotten a few new plants also. Two were Christmas presents and one was a birthday present. My birthday was January 2nd and I hit the big 3-0! Not as horrible as I thought it would be. I just don’t know where the years have gone and I don’t feel as accomplished as I thought I would be by now. That’s OK thought because it happens and you can’t change that. I’m just working on the present to make the future awesome! I might be a home owner soon also which would be amazing! I’m hoping everything falls together so I can get the house. I’m sure there’s some other stuff I could talk about, but I’m drawing a blank right now.

Here’s a link to my art shop and art blog. The art shop doesn’t have anything posted in it right now. I just switched back over to doing Etsy from another site, so I’m waiting for the challenge to be over. I won’t be doing daily paintings and can focus on it better.

Art shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/artistjasonhowell

Art blog:  http://thebassettstudios.wordpress.com

Much love!!!



New Opportunity.

Last week I received a message from someone at a new blogging site called My Trending Stories. They had came across my blog and were interested in me being a contributor. We exchanged messages for a couple days. I wanted to get a better feel for them before I said yes. I decided it would be a good decision on my part in getting my name out there and said yes. I got my bio set up and posted my first article. I’ll be posting a second one here soon. I really like the set up of this new site, but I will still be posting here also. Be sure to go check out my posts there because I’ll be posting stuff besides art stuff. I really only post about my pieces on this site. While your on My Trending Stories check out other authors articles. There’s lots of interesting articles on there.

Here’s the link to my profile where you can also get to my articles. Be sure to give me a follow so you can keep up with what I post.


Here’s where to find me on my other social media outlets.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jasonhowellart

Facebook: http://facebook.com/artistjasonhowell

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grow.eat.create.love/

Much love!!!


Blog changes!

I’ve changed some stuff on my blog. The first thing I did was change the name from “DuckyLayne” to “Grow.Eat.Create.Love”. I’ve done this because I’m merging a couple blogs together to have less to keep up with. This will result in more posts here too. The name fits my life too. This has been my Instagram name for awhile now if you want to follow me on there. I’ll be merging this blog, my gardening blog, and art blog together. I’m trying to par down in everything in my life. I’ve got lots of big plans in the near future for this blog. I’m going to also start sharing recipes and DIY tutorials. I love to cook! I’m working on a way to make money while on the road so I can start traveling. I’m going to re do an old school bus to make it into a traveling home for me and my Basset Hound Lucy.

Much love!!!


Thrift shop haul!

It’s been awhile since I got to go thrifting. Yesterday my mom and I decided to go grab my grandma and kit the shops! I found several amazing finds and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on these treasures. I’ll be moving into my own place in March and can’t wait to start decorating and sharing the journey of decorating my own apartment. I love my parents, but I miss having my own place. Lets get into what I found! Enjoy!



I found this huge old trunk in the second shop we hit. I love the colors and I plan to leave it just like this. Some people think I’m crazy and that I should paint it. I love the wear and tear on it. It has SO much character. The inside is pretty much in perfect shape except one spot where someone drew a star at one point. It even has the original shelf inside! I forgot to take a photo of the inside though. When I get my place I will give you a look inside. I think I got a deal at $30.



I got this pair of Oriental vases at the first shop we hit. I couldn’t pass them up. I wish the lions on top were closer to the same shade of blue. Besides that I love everything about them. I plan to flank my grandmother’s hutch she gave me with these. I adore blue and white pottery.  These are around 2 1/2 feet tall. I couldn’t pass them up for $12 each.







Here’s another vase I got at the first shop too. This one is about a foot tall. I didn’t have enough money to buy the other one that matches this one or I would of. I hope I can get the other one. I still need to find a buffet and when I do this will go on it. If I don’t get the other one this one will go in the center. If I do get it then they will go on each end. $8 for this one.



Just a top view of the smaller one I got.



And lastly I found this amazing painting. I’m an artist myself, but I appreciate other artist’s work and like to collect it to mix in with my own on my walls. The picture does not do justice for the colors in this piece!


That was my haul, at least what I could find. I have a couple more things I bought, but I’m not sure where they are at. I didn’t get a photo of the folding chair I got. I can share that when I start decorating!


Much love!!!



My other blogs.

I just wanted to share links to my other blogs if anyone is interested. I just posted a new piece on my art blog. Be sure to follow and share my blogs if you like them.

My art blog:


My gardening/plant care blog:


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