Not what it seems!!

To most people they see this vintage light fixture globe and see exactly that. I see it and see an endless swarm of options! It could be a vase for flowers to warm up a room, or put a candle it it to cast a whole new ambiance on your room. Maybe use it to put cooking utensil in to give your kitchen a little more character. It can be what ever you want it to be! Just because something was made to serve a certain purpose doesn’t mean you have to limit the use to just that. You can get globes like this for super cheap at thrift stores and yard sales. My mom actually got this one for me at a thrift store for 50 cents! ONLY thing to make sure of is it sits flat on the solid end. You don’t want you new globe filled with a candle toppling over and setting your curtains a blaze!!! That wouldn’t be lovely at all. I hope you like this little tip. Sorry I didn’t have any flowers or a candle to put in it.



Much love!!!