My Epiphyllum White NOID bloomed!

I’ve been growing several Epiphyllums that I got as cuttings for the past two or three years. One finally rewarded me with a bloom this year. I’m in love with this plant. Some people probably wouldn’t be as excited as me since it’s just a white flower and a NOID. Some people are plant snobs and only want named varieties for some reason. Being a named variety doesn’t make the plant more beautiful, just worth more as cuttings or started plants. White flowers are my favorite too, so that’s a plus! This one has grown into such a nice plant and looks like it’s pushing out a few more blooms. I should have more flowers next year I’m hoping since they are getting older.






Much love & Many blessings!




I have a rock and stone obsession. There I said it. I have a absolute love for rocks and stones. If It’s interesting and I can carry it home it comes! I don’t think most people pay attention to the ground. I also live in Arkansas and we have lots of rock! I find them mostly at the creeks and rivers when I’m fishing. I find some while going on walks on dirt roads. Here’s all I’ve found in the last couple month’s. So many color variations an textures. Some of these I will use to stage my succulents and cacti. I’ll say some stuff about my finds. Like where I found them and if I plan to use them for staging.


Found this on my walk today. Love the subtle grey variations.


Found on my walk also. This is both sides of the same rock. I plan to use this one for staging. I love the dark color and grey and cream color variations.


Found this on my walk today. I love the smokiness of this one. Grey with black and dark grey edging.


Found this on my walk today. Has some green tones in it that doesn’t really show up in the picture.


Found this on my walk today. Has some great color variation. Grey, dark Grey, and creams. Even a little yellow colors. I plan to use this for staging.


Found this on my walk today. I love the rust colors on this one. Has some interesting textures from getting knocked around from the road grater.


Found this one at one at the creek or river a month or so ago. I like the reds in it.


Two pieces of river glass I found at the river. Going toward Jasper, AR. I think it was at Pruit (spelling?)


Found this one at the river too. At pruit also. I love all the holes and such amazing textures. I might use this one for staging also.


Found this one at the creek or river. I’m not sure which. I love how white this one is.


This is a snail shell I found. I found this at Long Creek which isn’t far from where I live.


Found this at the creek or river. I love all the textures in this one. This one will be good fro staging.


Found this one at the river. I love how the colors fade into each other.


I found this at the river. This will be good fro staging. I Love the colors in it. One of my favorites I’ve found.

Much love!!!




Stetsonia coryne

Family: Cactaceae (kak-TAY-see-ee)

Genus: Stetsonia (stet-SOHN-ee-uh)

Species: coryne (ko-RY-nee)

Common Name: Toothpick Cactus

Light: Full sun to partial shade.

Water: Let dry between watering

Stetsonia coryne is a tree forming cactus from South America. Usually has a main trunk forming several side branches. They have a blueish color to their flesh. They have long spines which gives it the common name Toothpick Cactus. They like full sun to partial shade. How much a cactus needs depends on your environment. During the hot days of Summer they need regular watering. During Winter they should be kept dry and on the cooler side. In a cool room or greenhouse where they can get some needed rest. They should still get good light. I’ll do a more detailed post on plant care. They are beautiful plants.



Much love!!!


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